Expansion Tank Transformer

Power range of 10-100.000 kVA, 66 kV high voltage three or single phase, oil immersed, ONAN, ONAF cooled, with no-load tap changer

Hermetic Transformer

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, with power range of 100-4000 kVA, 36 kV high voltage, three or single phase, oil, ONAN, ONAF cooling, with no-load tap changer or on-load automatic tap changer

Dry Type Transformer

From 100 kVA to 10 mVA, up to 52 kV isolation level, three or single phase, AN / AF cooling, high quality, performance for different applications


Between 11kw and 132kw

Submersible Motors

Powerful Submersible Motor that offers high performance even at 50°C well temperature

Water pump

Centrifugal water pump motors from 1HP to 600HP

Importation and exportation

We supply products to the customers of companies in domestic and foreign markets through import and export upon their requests

Submersible Pumps

High efficiency with superior material and production features Less energy


Who ar us

Abar Zamzam Lights Company is a general trading company that started its business in 1985, where the basis of the work was the preparation of pumps, wires for transmitting agricultural electric power for farmers, well submersibles and cables…

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